Monday, March 3, 2008

Newspaper Updates!

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival kept me busy, and the Beacon kept me even busier! I made the paper's front page twice! Plus all of these came out successively in back to back issues.

CBS 4 Pre-Valentine's Day Dessert Special.

Christian Thompson, prepping Beef Tenderloin's for his BubbleQ Menu.

Front Page with an Article on the Wine and Food Festival!

Celebrity Chef's celebrating the BubbleQ with their Romero Britto hand painted Moet Champagne bottles.

Front Page with an Article on the BBC Radio Tower!

They forgot to give me photo credit on this one. (Click for Corrections)

Front Page, Tibetan Monk Sand-painting at the BBC!

A student profile picture.

Double feature picture layout, with character quote and "cut-out" picture for writer. (Photo-editor)

Color picture on the "At The Bay" section, after spring break.